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About us

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We’ve all walked into the typical liquor store; the minimum wage clerk sitting behind the till waiting for customers to file by the till with their garden variety beers, wines, or spirits. The security gate at the front that prevents people from shoplifting, the neon lights shining on metal shelving illuminating each generic bottle of wine and the security measures such as the mirrors, cameras and watchful eye of bored employees. The color is white inside the store and there are perpetual sales on certain products.

If that has been your experience with liquor stores, much like owners Bev and Marek, then you should see Point McKay Wine and Spirits.

Bev and Marek wanted libation selection to be a thing of ease in a comfortable environment where you feel confident that the staff not only know the selection on the shelf but actually care about the producers, agents and products. To make sure that from the vine to the hand you could appreciate the passion and perseverance that goes into what you drink.

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